It’s day 17 today. I’d like to welcome you all to day 17. Those seasoned ‘triers’ out there will know that day 17 is the start of the dreaded two week wait. It’s during this time that you’ll desperately try to convince yourself ‘it’ aka conception hasn’t happened in order to prepare yourself for the return of the blob, (sounds like some kind of horror film, doesn’t it? And actually, for those of us out there struggling to conceive, it’s not far off, let me tell you!) but no matter how hard you try, without you knowing it, the hope for a late period will set in, a vision of those two blue lines will flash before your eyes at least seventeen times during this time so that when your period does arrive, you’ll feel completely crushed. A feeling amplified by PMT, well – in my case, don’t know about you. Life’s a bitch.

If you’ve been trying for a while, during the two week wait you’ll probably find yourself reading into every little symptom, every little secretion, every little ache and pain in your boobs and in your ovaries… Could this mean I’m pregnant? Are my sore boobs a sign? Hang on, aren’t they usually always sore around 10 days before my period? I’ll check my app for previous notes in previous cycles. But seriously, those aching boobs! They seem more achy this month, don’t they? So what does that mean? Does it mean my period is on its way? Or is it a rush of hormones preparing my body for pregnancy, whether or not we’ve been successful? I’m sure I read that somewhere… So, maybe my aching boobs aren’t necessarily a sign of my period, maybe the aches just happen at this stage of your cycle, pregnant or not? No itchy nipps though. I’ve heard those are a first sign. My mother always tells me ‘I always knew, the moment my nipples itched’… Come ON nipples, ITCH, for god’s SAKE!

This month we put in some good shifts during those all important days 9 – 16. Probably not our best stint though, looking back. I mean, day 12 we had the in-laws staying, (not gonna happen) and then on days 15 and 16 we both felt tired, under the weather, full of cold… Probably too late post ovulation anyway, I reasoned with myself, days 15 and 16… This month I didn’t even recall feeling the ovulation pain either, the ‘mittelschmerz’, which I usually encounter quite fiercely. So actually, I’m not sure if I’ve even ovulated this month. Nice one eggs! Thanks a lot. I thought I might have felt something last Sunday, but looking back, I think it was probably just wind.

This month we went for our first NHS consultant’s appointment. They weren’t worried about my partner’s semen analysis, and said we’d have to wait another year and a half before they’d consider us for assisted treatment/IVF. They booked me in for the initial tests to check for problems. I went along the week after for an HSG test, and an ultrasound. (Props to the NHS this month, the appointments were booked quickly, with no waiting time on any! But our follow up isn’t until September… Grr!) My tests were all clear, nothing out of the ordinary, and no blockages.

On googling the HSG test I’ll admit this two week wait is now fuelled with even more (false!?) hope. Looking on google, practically anybody who is anybody has gotten pregnant after the HSG test, following a ‘no problems’ result. They’re saying in more forums that you can poke a stick at that apparently the HSG is the magical key to getting pregnant. SO many of these women have fallen pregnant following an HSG test. Or fallen pregnant within the three months following the test. So there’s a lot of hope right there. And there’s a lot of pressure. What happens come August, when we’re still trying to conceive and the conclusion of the two week wait remains the same?

So. It’s day 17. The first day of the two week wait…

By Wannabeamum