I’ve always wondered why children put things up their nose, I’ve heard of everything from Lego to sweeties, to pussy willows and beads and have always patted myself on the back because my children are far too clever to do something so stupid. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when I’m sitting on the plane after a day’s travel, my daughter on my knee and my angelic son sweetly watching Octonauts on my iPad quietly eating a snack pack of raisins. I lent over my shoulder to look at my husband who was reading a magazine and told him how lucky we were to have two such well behaved children. Three minutes to take off, my son looks at me and informs me that he’s put a raisin up his nose.

My immediate reaction was to laugh, because of course he must be joking. My eyes registered the snack pack of raisins, I offered “what did you say, darling?” putting a finger up the nostril in question. He said in a snotty tone “I put a raisin up there!” I panicked, threw my daughter to my husband and decided to investigate. He was absolutely right, he had put a raisin up there. “Why on earth did you do that?” I asked. “I don’t know!” he said, pushing it further with his little finger.

I lay him down on my knee and shone my husband’s iPhone torch into the wilderness and could see it clear as day. It was quite far up! The flight attendant ventured over and told us to buckle our seat belts and get ready for take off. I, in turn, asked for a pair of tweezers. So I’m sitting on a plane, mid take off, shining a torch up his nose, trying to coax it out with a pair of the poor flight attendant’s tweezers. I must say when she next did her rounds she looked pretty horrified!

We spent the entire flight with no joy, and when we landed at 6pm local time, I googled ‘children shoving raisins up their noses’ and the overall consensus was that we would be spending Sunday evening at the A&E. The end of the story is a happier one, my darling nanny managed to massage it out on the way home in the car, so we managed to miss A&E by the skin of our teeth!

I later spoke to my doctor who confirmed that it does happen quite frequently, and although the temptation is to leave it be, nothing up the nose is a good idea and needs medical attention. I’ll never a look at a box of raisins in the same way again!