Our local wildlife charity, the brilliant Wild Life Aid need your help to save our British hedgehog. Each year they receive dozens of hedgehogs that are too small to survive through the winter months, and this year the numbers were unprecedented. These innocent animals, born in the late summer and early autumn, have had little time to develop and consume the nutrients that help them to survive through hibernation. Wild Life Aid have created a winter hedgehog nursery where they can feed and care for these cute little creatures. Please visit their website and help their mission Sponsor Golden Harry .

The money from your sponsorship will pay for food, heating and vet bills. Specialist orthopaedic vets have already been involved in repair procedures on some of the hedgehogs with broken legs. Every penny of your donation will go towards their ultimate goal – to give a hedgehog that would not have survived the winter a second chance at life.

If we all do our ‘bit’, together, we can make a difference.