Last year I wrote letters on some glass pebbles to use to help my charges with spelling out words.  Today I dug them out of our numbers and letters activity box to use them in a letter match activity.

You will need:

  • Cardboard or paper
  • Pen
  • Glass pebbles – like the ones found in fish tanks

Write the letters on the flat side of the glass pebbles.

I used cardboard for this, as I can reuse the board, which I then painted a white colour.  If you don’t have any cardboard, then using a piece of paper would work just as well.

On the cardboard/paper write out the letters again, they don’t have to be in order.

Get your little one to match the letters written on the glass pebbles to the ones written on the cardboard/paper.  If you are using paper, then you can write the letters in a different order each time that they do the activity.

YC really enjoyed this one, mainly because she likes to order things and match things.  This activity would also make a good busy bag, you just pop it into a bag and you can take it anywhere.

This activity may help development of:

  • Cognitive skills – ordering and matching
  • Letter identifying