This week we interviewed the gorgeous Matt Bardock to find out exactly what he’s been up to since his exit from Casualty and our last interview with him back in 2014. 

The interview we ran with you back nearly two years to the day is currently one of our top hitting interviews on My Baba. What have you been up to lately to cause this google search frenzy? 

I’m currently in a show called The Coroner on BBC 1 which has just been aired so I think that may have something to do with the renewed interest.

We’re guessing by our hits on your interview you have a plethora of female fans. Do you get lots of fan mail, and what’s the weirdest proposition letter/item you’ve ever been sent? 

I don’t really get much female fan mail anymore I’m surprise anyone’s interested to be honest. It’s very nice that they are though, thank you.

What are your plans for Christmas? 

Christmas this year will be fairly low key,  I’m working up until Christmas Eve on a show with Gemma Arterton (St Joan) at the Donmar Warehouse. But we have a few days off so it will be time spent with my family, dog walks, turkey, crackers, and a drink or two. I’m really looking forward to parking up in front of the fire and watching films with my daughter!

What’s on top of your Christmas list this year, and have you been a good enough boy? 

I’m into experiences as I get older so anything along those lines would be good more track days or a cookery course or a day helping out at a zoo or something would be cool. Although I’m very partial to a bit of Cashmere. And I have been good this year! …ish!!

What are you in charge of when it comes to Christmas day duties, are you a master in the kitchen? 

I love cooking so am quite happy to spend the day in the kitchen provided I’ve got a glass of fizz by my side but this year my wife is doing the honers so I can put my feet up a bit, although she usually forgets something so I will have to keep an eye on her!

How do you like to shop, online, or in-store, and where do you head to buy all your family’s presents? (without giving too much away!)

I’m not a great shopper usually but I love Christmas so I always head out to by gifts.  Shopping online is ok but you miss the interaction with people and being in the West End for work this year is a real treat. The lights and the carol singers at Waterloo station are really lovely. I have my instructions as to which shop to head to for my wife but I go my own way too.You have to drag me out of Hamleys’ though. I love that place.

If you could play any role in any TV show, film or production, who would it be and why?

It’s a tough one, at the moment I’m enjoying being back in the theatre but I love television and film. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I love action stuff. It’s difficult to know what to do next! I tend to take each job as it comes. I would like to work somewhere warm next though. I’m freezing on my bike on the commute into town.

What’s your favourite TV series at the moment? 

I’m loving west world at the moment. I love a box set. Everything Scandinavian. Narcos was good, and Treme. The list goes on. I love a documentary! And being into cars and bikes, Jay Leno’s garage is a must for me.

Any new year’s resolutions? 

Must try harder.

What are your plans for 2017, can we expect to see more Matt Bardock on our tellies? 

I’m working on St Joan until February and we are waiting to see if The Coroner goes again for a third series but if not I will be an actor for hire again.

If this interview gets ridiculous traffic as the last one, will you come back to us next December and shoot a Matt Bardock 2018 calendar? 🙂 

With pleasure. But as I said I’m amazed anyone’s interested.