We haven’t been actively teaching BB his phonics, but about once a week since his birth I’ve put a You Tube video of the jolly phonics on for him to listen to/watch while I topped and tailed him. As you can imagine he has started picking up some of the sounds. He is actually pretty good at the first set of phonics. I thought now was the time to start introducing some letter based activities for him to enjoy. Our first one is a hidden letter sensory tray.

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To make sure own hidden letter sensory tray you will need:

  • Coloured rice
  • Wooden letters*
  • Tray

*I used wooden letters from a jigsaw, but magnetic letters or something similar would work just as well.

To colour your rice check out my this post on it.

Place all your rice and letters into a tray.

hidden letter sensory tray

When BB came to play with it he loved trying to find all of the letters. When he found them I would ask “what sound is it?” As I said earlier he knows the first set of phonics pretty well so was able to identify these ones. Then he would try to place it into the correct hole of the jigsaw.

Not only was this activity good for helping he start to learn his phonics, but it was a great way to help him with his speech development by practicing individually sounds.

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Hidden letter sensory tray for pre-schoolers