It’s no secret that these days our children spend a lot of time in front of screens. From an early age, iPads and iPhones are used to keep children entertained, and with so much to choose from online, sometimes it can be a little confusing. What I love about Highbrow is that their videos are focused purely on education, and there’s an endless amount of content to explore. Highbrow videos are suitable for children from as young as 1 year, right through to early teens, so it’s a resource that will grow with them throughout childhood. Here are 10 good reasons you should check out Highbrow for your children – a fantastic way to supplement learning in little ones, and the school curriculum in older kids. 

1) Education focused: Unlike other platforms that are “eductainment” focused, Highbrow is strictly educational. Every video is designed to teach a child a new skill. Whether your child is a maths whizz, or a budding Picasso, there are thousands of videos to hone, nurture and develop skills. Categories include early learning, languages, music, health and fitness, creative, humanities, maths, science and special education.

2) Ad free: Unlike on YouTube or on-demand TV, kids won’t be bombarded with ads in between or during Highbrow’s videos, and there is no product placement. This is a truly safe place for kids on the internet.

3) Curated content: All of the content on the site has been hand-selected by the founders, who are adding new videos all the time. Parents can further tailor this content to their kids’ needs by creating playlists for each child.

4) Rewards: Children can earn rewards as they learn, and what’s more, parents can track their child’s progress, through a dedicated dashboard, so you know exactly how they’re getting on, what they’re excelling at, and any areas they may struggle with.

5) Global access: Unlike most on-demand video platforms, there are no limits on where you can view Highbrow’s content. So if you’re on your hols, you can take it with you and your kids can still watch their favourite videos.

6) Multiple devices: You don’t need multiple subscriptions to access Highbrow videos across your devices. With just one subscription, all of your kids can watch different content at the same time on phones, tablets, computers or TVs.

7) Mum & Dad founders: Highbrow was founded by a Mum & Dad team, so they know the things that matter to parents. It also means they have their own little product tester at home!

8) Award-winning content: Highbrow has award winning content and even includes some Emmy & Grammy winners!

9) Supporting educators: Revenues earned by producers enable them to create even more educational content. A true virtuous cycle in action!

10) Free trial: Highbrow offer a free 15 trial, which you can sign up to here.

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