Harry Potter house friendship bracelets

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Hogwarts Houses Friendship Bracelets

You may have guessed by now but we are pretty big Harry Potter fans here. Welcome to your newest Harry Potter inspired activity; Hogwarts houses friendship bracelets. EC wore the friendship bracelet that I made for him last year up until about a month ago, when one of his teachers told him to take it off! Not sure why after almost a whole year it mattered for the last few weeks of term, but there you go. Now that the summer holidays are here he has a new one to wear.

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To make your own Hogwarts houses friendship bracelets you will need:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Tape

Start by cutting out 6 pieces of thread in the main house colour, i.e. red, blue, green, or yellow. Each piece was about 65 cms. Then cut 2 lengths in the secondary colour, i.e. gold, white, silver, or black.

Tie them together in one knot, then place them in the order (I’m going to use Slytherin as my example) of green, green, sliver, green, green, green, silver, green. Make sure you tape down the thread to a table for you to work.

Three things to remember when doing this 1- you are always working left to right. 2 – always make 2 knots. 3 – there are two patterns to this, you will always complete a row doing pattern 1 first, then you will complete the next row doing pattern 2. This continues throughout the whole bracelet.

For pattern 1, starting at the left, pair of each thread.

Take the first thread and knot it around the thread next to it. To make the knot, use the first thread to make the shape of a 4 over the next thread, loop it behind and pull it through the whole. Now pull it up to the top of the thread. Repeat this again. The thread you started with should now be on the other side from where it started. Do this to each pair of threads, going from left to right.

Now that you have finished pattern 1, set the threads up like in the picture for pattern 2. The 2 threads at the beginning and end are not used in this go. Tie each knot twice for each pair.

Repeat pattern 1 followed by pattern 2 until you reach have made enough to go around your wrist. Then tie it all off in another knot.

Now you can show off your house pride with these awesome Hogwarts houses friendship bracelets.

If you enjoyed making these Hogwarts houses friendship bracelets be sure to check out my Hogwarts houses slime, Hogwarts noughts and crosses, and sorting hat fortune teller.

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Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelets

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