Have ready and leave by the door (along with passports that are in date & tickets)

  •   Pram / papoose
  •  Coat / hat / gloves / scarf / blanket (if cold)
  • Sunhat / sunglasses / sun cream (if hot)
  •  Nappy bag ready

For the suitcase:

  • Clothes – Don’t forget vests / socks / PJs / sleeping bag (if used)
  • Wash bag – Don’t forget toothbrush and toothpaste / bodywash / creams / sponge
  • Mini medi bag – Don’t forget Calpol and thermometer
  • Baby wipes / nappies / nappy sacks
  • Bottles / beakers / formula / dispenser (already measured out, Tommee Tippee does a great one, singles or trio)
  •  Muslins (including giant ones I love Aden & Anais, great to put over mattress or as sheet. Take one that smells of home so they feel settled) / bibs
  •  Mini steriliser or I sometimes used Milton tablets / bottle brush / Detol wipes
  •  Travel cot or moses basket or pop-up mini cot (Samsonite do a good one for early days)
  •  iPod and speakers or travel mobile / batteries / adaptors / baby monitor
  •  Toys / books / teddy / favourite snuggle (I only ever take a few)
  •  Random bits – I often pop to JoJo Maman Bebe before a trip and always take portable bath spots that act as a bath mat / bath toys / mosquito net / mosquito patches (Green Baby) / SPF pram cover (if relevant)

Nappy bag:

  •  Nappies / wipes / nappy sacks / cream / changing mat or disposable one / hand gel
  •  Bottle / beaker / spoon
  •  Formula / dispenser / food / snack (airports can be funny, to avoid stress I used to take sterilised bottles in a zip lock bag and buy a bottle of water after security to fill them)
  •  Muslin / bib / blanket
  •  Pouch with sun cream / Calpol / teether / ambersol
  •  Toys / favourite teddy or snuggle
  •  Note book / pen (if you don’t keep a baby diary, good to have one while away in case they get ill)
  •  Change of clothes / hair brush

For older children:

  • Wheelie case / back pack (filled with goodies) or reigns
  • I like to fill my son’s bag with a few toys / teddy / book / iPad (frowned upon but great fore stress free travel / stickers / dried fruit

When we get through security, I take my children to WH Smith to choose a few treats and a magazine each.