I am pretty sure that all of you have heard of the game Boggle.  If not, where have you been?  This game has been around since the 1970s.  Randomly I met someone over the weekend who knows the person who invented the game! Unfortunately Boggle is a game that I am terrible at.  It is however a great game for helping with spelling.  This is why I have been playing our own homemade Boggle edition with EC and YC over the Easter holidays.

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You will need:

*We used the tiles out of my Bananagram game, but you could use magnetic ones, or borrow them from another game that use them like Scrabble.  Although I do highly recommend investing in some.

How to Play Boggle

Start by setting up your board.  You will need 4 rows of 4 tiles set up in a square.

Set a timer for 3 minutes and try to write down as many words that you can form from the letters set out.

The normal rule is that all the letters of a word need to connected to the next letter in the word.  This connection can either be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

No tile can be used twice in the same word.  For example if you wanted to spell event there would need to be 2 es on the board.

As EC and YC are not the greatest spellers I relaxed the rule about the letters needing to be next to each other.  I was actually really impressed with some of the words that they managed to find.  YC came out with a couple that nobody else had found.

The great thing about this game is that small so that it can be taken anywhere.  Plus it is a quick game to do.  We played it once a day, which took up all of 5 minutes of our morning.  Then it was onto the days adventure.

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Homemade Boggle