Fertility is a complex subject and when there is a problem, it can be difficult to know where the issue lies. I feel strongly that when something isn’t happening as it should there must be a cause even when every test is telling you otherwise.

Our bodies are innately intelligent so if something like reproduction is simply not firing as it should there will be a reason. This may sound ridiculously obvious but with over 20% of conception problems being diagnosed as “unexplained infertility” (according to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) many people are left stranded in no man’s land not knowing what they can do to help themselves become pregnant.

This is where a holistic perspective comes into its own. I believe most couples have the potential to be fertile but it is our modern lifestyles that often impair this. Human beings are very adaptable in nature, which is both good and bad: good because it is what makes us successful as a species; bad because we are capable of living in a state of un-wellbeing. We may get used to a feeling such as sluggishness, experiencing big energy lows or feeling emotionally down for no apparent reason.

Reproduction is viewed by the body as being at the bottom of the body’s priority list. So, if the body is out of balance in some way, it is less likely to allow conception to happen, as it will prioritise other organs and systems to survive.

As a homeopath, my aim is to thoroughly investigate and assess what is going on with a person, identifying what I feel may be hindering their reproductive status and drawing up a holistic plan to bring their body back into balance. I have been using homeopathy to help to boost fertility by balancing hormones for the last 10 years. Homeopathy is an entire system of natural medicine. It is safe, natural and powerful.

There are thousands of different homeopathic ‘remedies’ and they work by matching the symptoms of the person you are treating with the ‘symptom picture’ of the remedies. Ideally people would have a consultation with a qualified and experienced homeopath that specialises in fertility / hormone balance. I am going to list 3 useful remedies that are generally commonly needed to give you an idea of how it works. Three homeopathic treatments suited to fertility are:

Pulsatilla 30 – ideal for those feeling very emotional, who cry easily, are changeable, need support and feel they aren’t coping well. Pulsatilla is especially useful for treating ammenorrhea (absent periods).

Sepia 30 – for those feeling detached ‘dragged down’ who tend to get irritable before their period. Sepia is great for treating fibroids, cysts and PCOS etc…

Natrum Mur 30 – Ideal for private people who often hang on to old resentments even from a very long time ago, plus it helps with the monthly disappointment of not conceiving. Natrum Mur can be good for balancing irregular cycles.

Remedies can usually be purchased in your local health food shop or pharmacy. As mentioned above, see a qualified homeopath who specialises in fertility for best results.

By Cassie Everett, cassieeverett.com