Horsemeat seems to be the hot topic of the moment and we’ve had lots of people writing in with their views and concerns.

The general areas of concerns being expressed by our readers relate to health issues, morality and the feeling of being betrayed by the government and trusted household brands.

I watched a bulletin on Sky News where an undercover reporter filmed inside an abattoir, where horses were being beaten and slaughtered in front of each other whilst coming around from stuns. So many of these animals are ex-race horses and it’s just desperate to hear of their tragic end to life. 

There are many mothers out there worrying about the effects of their children eating horsemeat, especially if contaminated with phenylbutazone or bute, so we caught up with the amazing Nutritionist Jane Clarke to get the low-down.

“If we set aside the issues of morality and the complete betrayal of trust, the fact is, horsemeat in itself is not dangerous, it has many beneficial essential fatty acids, and is a great source of iron.

Comparing the meat like for like with beef, it is actually a healthier option. With regards to the risk of the meat being contaminated by tranquilizers, there is no need to be alarmed – one would have to eat ridiculously excessive amounts of the meat for the drugs to have any negative effects”.

Setting aside everything else, most people just feel deeply betrayed, not just by the government, but also by trusted household brands that they’ve bought food from for years. I wonder what’s next?