I’ve been a massive fan of Bill Granger for many years, and I often make a trip to Notting Hill for his delicious healthy classics. When I heard that he was opening a Granger & Co in Chelsea, I couldn’t believe my luck and it was literally my first stop from the airport with my family for a delicious lunch a couple of weeks ago. I’m embarrassed to say how much we ate; we love tasting a few different plates and sharing them together, but it was almost impossible to choose from the mouth watering menu!

We knew the location the minute we arrived for there was a queue snaking around the block.

The menu boasted a variety of foods; courgette chips, nigella seed and tahini yoghurt – what’s there not to love?! The amazing waiter suggested we try some crispy chicken, teamed with some iceberg lettuce, spring onions and chilli sesame. It was utter perfection. And for the health conscious, they have a huge range of bowls and grains, as well as lots of delicious salads. We managed to squeeze in a couple of ricotta hotcakes after all that.

This restaurant is different to his others, but just as polished and slick. It’s quite deceiving when you enter because it looks small, but as you delve further in you realise that it’s set on a few floors and has some great outdoor space – I was seriously impressed with the decor. After we had all finished up, we literally rolled out of the restaurant and past yet another long queue. But don’t let the long queues deter you! All I can say is that it is well worth the wait and I simply cannot wait to go back! My recommendation? The shrimp burger, jalapeño mayo, shaved radish salad and sesame gochujang. You won’t regret it!