Sadly, early miscarriages are very common. Often, a woman miscarries before she even realises she’s pregnant. Perhaps as many as three-quarters of all fertilised eggs are lost in the very earliest days of pregnancy. After a positive pregnancy test, there’s about a one in five chance of having an early miscarriage. This is when most miscarriages happen.

The loss of a pregnancy can come as a terrible blow. As well as the emotional shock for you and your loved ones, you may find the physical symptoms hard to bear. Reflexology is a great wellbeing treatment to have post miscarriage to help alleviate some of the symptoms felt after a miscarriage:

Possible emotions after a miscarriage:

  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • difficulty concentrating
  • loss of appetite
  • sadness, grief and numbness
  • depression
  • intense hormonal changes

It is important to take the time to grieve and heal. There are many complementary therapies that can help you cope and rebalance after a miscarriage. Reflexology is incredibly calming and relaxing and will help balance the hormones that are fundamental to the optimum functioning of the reproductive system.

Reflexology can help with:

  • rebalancing hormone levels for the next conception
  • regulating the menstrual cycle for then next conception
  • boost blood circulation
  • encourage the whole body to relax
  • stimulate endorphins – the feel good hormone
  • aid with sleep
  • provided care and touch from person to person

By Keah Lan

About The Author

Reflexologist & Pilates Teacher

A highly qualified therapist and pilates teacher, Keah has come to be recognised as one of London's “top reflexologist” and “wellbeing therapist” she has been listed as “the best kept secret” and a “revelation” by Marie Claire magazine. Keah has over 15 years experience as a wellbeing therapist, she has developed her own method of reflexology through extensive research and trains reflexologists in her method for pre and post natal reflexology. Keah specialises in reflexology for fertility, labour, cancer care, insomnia and stress. “In my years as a therapist, I have met a vast amount of people who suffered from extreme stress, migraines, infertility, cancer and various other ailments that a stressful city life and bad diet can bring on. My aim is to provide a platform for wellbeing through nutrition, exercise and holistic treatments to create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.” Keah practices throughout London and has taught many well known clients privately, her discretion is always assured. Keah also practices from The Harbour Club Chelsea, One Hyde Park Luxury Apartments, Triyoga Primrose Hill and Mermaid Maternity Retreat.

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