A few weeks ago I did a post on BabyMoov’s digital green technology, which is basically clear sound and zero interference with the safety of low-emission power levels. Although I thought it was a really exciting and brilliant product, I didn’t fully appreciate how important a product it was until I spoke to my brother.

He had been worried about his youngest sleeping in a nursery where their wifi hub also sat. He was worried how harmful it could be to her, and started researching this ‘electro smog’ issue. We talked about BabyMoov’s video monitor and that’s when we made the link. How stupid could I have been? This baby camera is made with a revolutionary technology that ensures the total absence of electro magnetic waves in its environment. There I was, quite happily with a wifi router on each floor, and when younger, both my children had video monitors hovering about their heads, and instead of understanding what that might hazardous emissions these monitors might have been giving off, I was more concerned about the noise it was creating, and the crackling when I couldn’t hear things properly.

We’re all so worried about the danger associated with using a mobile phone, that many of us may have missed other potential hazards. Mobile phone companies state in their legal disclaimer that you will expose your body to more than the government recommended guideline exposure to radiofrequency (RF) with the phone closer to your body, than 15mm. My brother quite rightly asked ‘how do you use something safely that the manual itself says you can’t actually touch?’

We know that wifi has already been banned in schools in France, Canada, Germany and Russia, and I believe the UK govement recommend giving wifi a miss too. No insurance companies will reinsure the phone manufactures against product liability and they’ve all been given mass warnings about the emerging risk of electro magnetic radiation in relation to liability insurance. Again, I go back to what my brother said, ‘plenty of people will dismiss this out of hand, but don’t forget, so many did the same when we talked about smoking and Asbestos’.

Yesterday I got an email from one of the mothers at school, she’s been doing mass research into mobile phone masts, and also mobiles and tablets, and their associated health risks. She discovered that cordless telephones are more dangerous to our children than mobiles, because they have no power-down mode, and emit radiation 24/7.

I understand that we can’t shield against everything in our lives, but it’s interesting when you start looking into the impact that this electro smog might be doing to us and our children. I can’t help but think that so many parents with problem sleepers might need to look closer to home at the cause of this. I know many parents who actually turn their wifi off at night for a better night’s sleep. Lastly, if I haven’t bored you enough already, when I asked my husband his opinion on the matter, he told me to look into bluetooth, because in his opinion, that’s the most dangerous of them all.