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Living / 24 May, 2021 / Nanny Anita

How to Build a Perfect Den

I had hoped that I could build this perfect den outside for my charges. However, the English weather had other ideas and decided to dump around a months worth of rain in a week. I guess then this den has been the perfect distraction for when we have been unable to go out.

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To make this perfect den you will need:

  • Newspapers
  • Tape
  • Duct tape
  • Blankets

Yes I know that you can build dens with some chairs, a mop, and some blankets. Trust me, I was a master den builder as a child. I always thought the clotheshorse would have been the perfect thing, but I was never allowed to use it. This den not only is more sturdy, but it also, hopefully, will show EC and YC just what some paper and tape can do and inspire them in their own den building adventures.

Building this perfect den is slightly time consuming, but it is relatively simple. It would have been a lot quicker if EC or YC had helped, but I wanted to surprise them with it.

building the perfect den

Start by taking 2 to 3 sheets of newspaper and rolling it into a tube. Secure it with a bit of tape around the middle. You will need 56 rolls like this.

building the perfect den

Next pair each roll off and table it together at the top, bottom, and middle. You should have 28-paired rolls.

building the perfect den

Now you need to make 8 triangles, each triangle will contain 3-paired rolls. Secure these triangles with duct tape. You should have 4-paired rolls left over; those are to make the roof.

building the perfect den

With your 8 triangles make your base. Don’t worry about leaving a doorway; your little ones just need to crawl through one of the triangles. Use duct tape to fasten the triangles together.

building the perfect den

For the roof tape the 4 remaining tubes to the 4 corners of the base at one end, and tape them together to make a point.

All that is needed now are some blankets to cover it and cushions to cover it.

building the perfect den

All of my charges have been super impressed with it, BB keeps taking himself off into it to read books, clean his teeth, and hide from me when he doesn’t want to come downstairs and put his shoes on. A great success then.

If you enjoyed building this perfect den be sure to check out my glow stick citybridge building activity and cork boat challenge.

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building the perfect den with newspaper and duct tape

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