I had such fun dreaming of my son’s nursery when I was pregnant and it was a really happy experience, planning every last detail. Having said that, I did make lots of mistakes, the most glaring had to be the beautiful sisal carpet, which is almost impossible to clean. I was really happy to help a friend of mine last week who wanted me to take her through the stages of designing a nursery for her unborn baby. She doesn’t know what she is having, so we set to work and found the perfect gender neutral nursery feel.

I talked about the new Stokke Home range when it launched earlier this year, and I knew that it would work for her. I always tell people to start with a cot and work around that. The Stokke Home bed is utterly brilliant, in essence, it’s not just a bed, but a changing station, and later, a playhouse all in one. There are lots of possibilities with this system that it would suit any nursery. My friend is also short of space, so I know this solution will work perfectly for her.

They also make a newborn cradle that can slip into the cot when you want to start transitioning. A good nursing chair is always a good thing to have, it’s not just good for feeding, but a good chair will grow with them and should suit the room. I remember having a stunning white Piquet chair with no removable covers, big mistake!! A chest of drawers that can double up as a changing station can be a good option, mine had a removable top which is now covered in trinkets and treasures in my daughter’s room. A nice wardrobe can also make a room feel like home, but isn’t absolutely necessary for the first year or so, as their clothes are so tiny.

I’m not a massive fan of mobiles, but the garish Lamaze worked really well for both my children and always soothed them to sleep.

Lighting is very important when you’re talking about nurseries, and if you can install a dimmer, they work wonders at night and can set the tone perfectly for bedtime. If you can’t, then a nightlight is the next best thing, as they can be a great help to parents checking in on children at nighttime.

A simple Jellycat teddy bear or beautiful blanket can finish off a nursery, Stokke do beautiful soft bedding and sleeping bags which work well with their range. I think the finishing touches are often the easiest way to make the perfect nursery and I already know what I’m going to buy my friend when her little bundle arrives. The big question is, will it be pink or blue?