When it comes to parties, more and more hosts are opting to have an elaborate pudding table with several pudding options in place of one big cake. If you’d like to try out this trend, here are some tips for creating a kid friendly pudding table.

Choose a theme

 Your theme can be inspired by anything from a great fabric to your daughter’s party dress to her favourite super hero.  Once you have chosen a theme you will need to carry the theme through everything on the table.  Make sure that you incorporate colours and textures that depict your theme.

Decide on a centrepiece 

 The centre of the table is very important.  Many hosts opt to place a cake in the centre of the table on a pedestal.  For instance, if your theme is sock monkeys, you may wish to have a sock monkey sitting on a small wooden chair.  Make sure that the centrepiece is the highest thing on the table.  The exception to this would be if you wanted to flank the table with two tall things like topiaries or cake pop stands.

Create different levels using boxes or cake stands

 The pudding table will have more interest if everything isn’t just sitting on the table like a potluck.  Create levels by placing shoeboxes, hatboxes or even plastic re-sealable food containers on the table.  These ‘stands’ will all be hidden under the tablecloth so no one will be the wiser.

Hang an eye-catching backdrop behind the pudding table

 Backgrounds can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like.  You can hang fabric over an existing drapery rod or hang different coloured streamers from a drapery rod for the background.  If you have a fall theme, you can attach cut out leaves all over the background.  If your theme is based on a fabric then hang that particular fabric behind the pudding table.  If you have a guest of honour, you could blow up a photo of the guest and put that behind the table.

Order or make 3 to 5 different small pudding items

It’s best to assume that everyone at the party will want to try one of everything and then add an extra dozen for those who take more than one.  Try to vary the shapes of the puddings.  Cake pops work well for children because they are easy to hold and eat without much fuss.  Cake balls or bon boons will also work for an easy to eat puddings.  Cut-out sugar cookies lend themselves well to themes and can be ordered from a bakery in various shapes and sizes.  Another option would be chocolate covered sandwich cookies, chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles, or macaroons colour coordinated with the table.

Order custom labels for your water or soda bottles

Round or square labels that thank people for coming to the event or that herald what the event is, such as “Annie’s 3rd Birthday!” make a nice addition to any pudding table. Vintage soda bottles can be a cute tie-in and the small bottles are easy for a child to hold.  Plastic water bottles are also a popular option.  If you want to skip the labels, another party trend is to drink out of mason jars with straws that match the colour scheme of the party.

Cover different levels on the table with a tablecloth that matches the theme

Dress the table with a lovely tablecloth that ties into the theme of the fabric or a colour that matches.  Make sure that it’s big enough, or use more than one, to cover the table and the different levels.

Arrange puddings and drinks in straight lines to add a sense of formality

This won’t hold true if you are serving anything on a round platter, but make sure that there is white space on the serving platters, instead of piling everything up.  Line up the drinks so that the labels are all facing the front of the table.  Create place cards that tell what each treat is.  If you can come up with a cute tie-in to the party theme, that will add to the fun of the table theme.  Chocolate dipped bananas could work well for a sock monkey party, for example, and you could label them, ‘monkey bites’.

Create interesting pudding holders to add flair

Cake layered with frosting in a push pop container is more original than having a cupcake.  Create paper cones and fill the cones with flavoured popcorn or cotton candy and set them in a stand that has holes cut out of it.  Create your own candy bar for a party favour by having different candies displayed with a scoop in them and provide a small bag or box that your guests can fill.  These goodie bags can double as party favours.

When deserts are bite sized, it eliminates the need for a plate and fork.  Provide napkins somewhere on the edge of the table or in different places around the party area.  Make sure to provide small wastebaskets around the yard or room so that people have a convenient place to throw away cake pop sticks and other trash.  Opt for desert items that can be made in advance so that you can enjoy the party too, once your guests arrive.


By AupairJobs.com