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How To Fix Common Eyebrow Issues

We all know how important brows are for framing the face. With all the brow trends that have come and gone, we’ve seen how achieving these looks can sometimes leave us with serious brow woes. To celebrate National Brow Day (that’s 2nd October, in case you didn’t know!) we called on brow expert, and CEO of Rubis Tweezers, Fides Baldesberger to give us tips on how to conquer classic eyebrow issues like sparse brows, unruly hairs, and over plucking.

Arch-Less Brows

“When you have no arch on your brows, your face can look expressionless. Plucking – not overplucking! – a natural arch into your brows can benefit your face structure. First find the ideal arch location for your brow, this is where your brow is naturally at its highest which you can find by following a diagonal line from the outside of your nose across the middle of your eye. Brush your brow hairs up toward your arch and this will lightly define your arch. If you have hairs to spare you can pluck away a few hairs in the lowest, centre area of your brows, which will definitely give you an arch.

Pluck one hair at a time, and step back to look at your brow shape with your full face. Do this between every pluck so as not to overpluck. Use Pointer Tweezers (£25.50 Amazon) to target one hair at a time.”

Sparse Patchy Brows

“Having sparse/patchy/uneven eyebrows is one of the most common issues, sometimes caused by overplucking and other times just due to your natural eyebrow hair growth. If 90s skinny brows are your look, go for it! But if you’re wanting bushier brows try the below tricks:

Take an angled brush and a brow powder that matches the colour of your brow hair. Using the wide part of the brush, apply quick strokes to fill the uneven areas of the brows. Also, define the tails of the brows with the angled tip of the brush.

If you are using an eyebrow pencil, make sure that it is a light formula built up slowly and blended easily for a natural look. Apply small strokes with a soft hand instead of drawing a straight line and build it up slowly. Do not press the pencil too hard against the skin. It might pull out some more hair to increase your patchiness further.

Use a Brow Serum (Colorsport Power Serum) to help strengthen the brow hairs you do have and encourage any extra brow hair growth.”

Elongated Brows

“When the eyebrows have long tails, the entire face can look droopy. Therefore, it is important to figure out the right ending point of the brows to shape them accordingly. Hold a pencil along your nose and move it diagonally at your nostril. As you line it up with your eyebrow, it reaches your temple. Consider this as the ideal ending point of your brow.”

Bushy Unruly Brows

“Though thicker eyebrows are a blessing, they can turn out to be bushy and extremely unruly due to flyaway hair and cowlicks. Use a spoolie to brush your brow hairs straight up, then trim the tips of the elongated hairs along your natural brow line with eyebrow scissors (Rubis Colibri Scissors). To style your brows, opt for a brow gel that will hold your brow hairs in place.

You can also use a brow gel that’s a shade lighter than your brow hairs to add in definition, and dimension to your brow shape.”

Light Brows

“If your hair is naturally blonde, the chances are that your eyebrows are also a little light in colour. If you want to try bringing your brows to the darker side, using an eyebrow tint will make them look natural and defined (Colorsport Brow Tint). Make sure you do a patch test before applying for the first time!”

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