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Get Your Kids Coding: The Future Of Tech

“When I interviewed Steve Weitzman from Speechify I asked him what children should be learning and his immediate response was ‘get them coding and get them coding early.’ A coding class for my children has been on my to-do list for quite some time so I was really excited to stumble across HUB21, an online one-to-one tech tutoring company.” says Leonora Bamford.

What is HUB21?

HUB21 is a community for students that want to master the tech skills that are essential for their future. Aimed at kids aged 7-17, HUB21 offers block-based programming. As the kids get more advanced they move on to text-based programming and they can even learn about AI (artificial intelligence).

Kids and the importance of learning tech

HUB21 believes in the power of knowledge. Their innovative approach to education for children aims to expand a child’s perspective on different fields, improving creativity with STEM-based adaptive learning journeys.

New technology topics are gaining importance increasingly in today’s techno-centric world. Coding, AI, robotics, game development, blockchain and NFTs are all key skills for kids to learn. HUB21 Learning offers children a place within a global classroom so they can discover and pursue a passion for tech. HUB21 gives kids and teens an understanding of advanced concepts of technology-based topics in a simplified and fun way.


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Personalised project-based Curriculum

HUB21 believes in a personalised curriculum for each individual student, to best develop a child’s analytical and creative thinking skills. There’s no “one size fits all” approach. They recruit the best tutors from the best universities to teach your children on an individual basis. They’ll take into account the unique needs and interests of your child so that they can have fun and improve their skills faster. It’s this emphasis on a truly personalised experience that will help your child to build up a strong foundation of the wonderful world of technology.

What’s more, children can enjoy a project-based curriculum, whereby they create their own projects by designing a game or using blockchain technologies. What’s brilliant is that HUB21 is super-flexible, so you can arrange the lesson on a date and time that’s suitable for you and your child.

Hybrid learning

HUB21 offers hybrid learning, combining the physical class experience with the benefits of in-person personalised learning, so kids get the maximum output from their course. While developing their collaborative skills in a class/camp environment with their peers, they can also follow online courses designed to support near-peer learning with content, enriched with games. Along with these advantages, at HUB21, parents can follow their children’s learning journey by reaching tutor comments and progress reports after each session.

Girls in tech

With the rise of digital use in society, HUB21 is on a mission to help break down stereotypes to attract more women to technology. ‘HUB21 for Girls’ is a project that focuses on girls aged 10 to 17 to tackle the bias surrounding women in tech and reinforce excitement for STEM.

They want to encourage female students to pursue careers in engineering by giving them equal chances with their male counterparts, introducing them to STEM concepts, and choosing their tutors as female role models with physical and live online classes.

Leonora’s experience of HUB21:

“Last night my daughter has her first session with the incredibly patient and kind Sylvain. It was very easy to set up and log in. We arranged a time and met on their platform for her first lesson in ‘scratch’. I watched in amazement as she dragged and dropped blocks from one screen to another, before imputing her own drawings. Then, with just a few taps on the keyboard, she managed to move her creations around the screen, coming to life like a Disney character in Fantasia.

“The hour went by very quickly and she left asking for another session whilst I was left wondering if the 7-17 age bracket could slide a couple of decades… If you have a child interested in website building or creating their own apps I would definitely recommend Hub 21 as a good place to start.”

Book now 

HUB21 offers beginner to college-level curriculums including coding, game development, robotics, and creative tech for students who are aged between 7 to 17 as online courses.

In coding, they offer Scratch, Python, C++, and JavaScript courses. In creative technologies, there are TinkerCad and Lens Studio design courses and in game development, they offer Unity and Construct 3 programs with different levels for different ages.

Book a free try-out session through the HUB21 website and join the HUB21 community. 

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