Daylesford Organic have a lovely theme this month, called ‘Feed Your Core’. I’ve been learning all about how to look after your gut, and they have lots of information on their site and some brilliant new products to join their ‘Eat to Be Healthy’ range. The’ve also got some really exciting cookery courses around the topic this year.

I’m a huge believer in gut health, and that’s one of the reasons I launched our children’s probiotic. Having the right balance of bacteria in your gut is very important for good health throughout the body. Daylesford say ‘how you feed your core affects your resistance to disease, absorption of nutrients, synthesis of vitamins, hormonal balance, and even your mood.’

So what are the answers to a health gut? We asked the experts at Daylesford, and they came up with their five top tips:

1) Fermented foods to boost the good bacteria and improve core health. Traditional fermented veg, yoghurt and Miso which are full of probioitcs.

2) Plant fibre. Fibre rich fruit and veg are natural prebiotics, which encourage bacteria to support health.

3) Cleanse. Inhibit bad bacteria with anti bacterial plant oils found in scented herbs, like thyme, rosemary, garlic, chilli,ginger and turmeric.


4) Meat. Organic meat on the bone slow cooking and bone broth contain raw materials to heal the gut lining. These are the forgotten cuts from our grandparents generation, which include the collagen and gelatine in cartilage and connective tissue.



5) Fluids – drinking lots of fluid regulates your core, and flushes out the bad bugs in your gut. Water is an obvious choice, but why not try warm drinks, like mint or other herbal teas that can be great thirst quenchers.


Don’t forget to look out for the new products that include Kombucha, Smoothies, Cold Press Juices and yoghurt chia pots.

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