My eldest charge was having a problem telling the difference between the number 6 and number 9, so for a whole week we decided to concentrate on those two numbers. Every chance we had we would point out the numbers and ask him what it was. To mix it up a bit and have some fun while dinner was cooking, we had a maths dance party.

I quickly scribbled the numbers 1 – 10 on some pieces of paper and scattered them over the floor. Then we turned on the music and let them dance away, but when the music stopped they had to run to a piece of paper and tell me what it said. Sometimes I would shout out the number and they would have to find that number.

We only did it for about 10-15 minutes, but it was an entertaining way to do some maths. The best part was that my charges didn’t even realise that they were learning anything as they just enjoyed the game and begged to carry on doing it.


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