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Is there anything better than the tradition of Christmas crackers over Christmas dinner? There have been a few years when I was working abroad for Christmas and didn’t get a cracker and to me it felt really odd not having them.

It has been a while since I last made them (I think I was in year 6!), so I thought that it would be nice to make them again with my charges.

You will need:


  • Toilet roll/ or wrapping tubes
  • Tissue paper or ordinary paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Christmas cracker snaps
  • Ribbons
  • Paper hats
  • Little toys
  • Washi tape

Wrapping tubes are perfect for making crackers because you can cut them up and make multiple ones from one tube. We used both a mix of toilet roll and wrapping tubes.

EC writing out his jokes.

EC writing out his jokes.

Add the hat, toy and joke before you wrap the tubes. The first one we did we wrapped it and then tried to put the items in afterwards, which was really difficult and resulted in us having to pretty much undo everything we had just done!

You can literally use any type of paper to make these, we opted to use brown paper.  Mainly because when I gave EC the different options he broke into song about brown paper packages tied up with string!


Tape the cracker snap to the paper and then wrap it round the tube, making sure that the cracker snap is on the inside.


Use tape or glue to secure it shut.


Use ribbons to tie off the ends of the tube to make the handles.

Finally use paper or washi tape to decorate the outside of the cracker.

EC really enjoyed making them, and decided that he actually wanted to make some for his friends and teachers at school. Which is actually a really nice homemade gift idea that doesn’t cost too much. EC was also very adamant that YC wasn’t allowed to make any of them.   She wasn’t too bothered about that as she had a friend over, but at least she was able to pull one of them before dinner.

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How to make a Christmas cracker.