Hard to believe but my family aren’t in the habit of giving presents for Mothering Sunday, to us it is a religious event in the middle of Lent to give thanks to the Virgin Mary and for people to go back to their “Mother” church. It is also known as Refreshment Sunday were fasting are relaxed, hurray I can have some chocolate! We give cards, flowers and treat her to a yummy home cooked meal – although she never wants to take me up on my offer of cooking (honestly I am great cook). Saying that I do realise that my family is very much in the minority here, so there is no way that I would let my charges not make something for their Mummy. For this year’s present we made cork coasters, which are very easy presents to make.

To make your own coasters you will need:

  • Cork – you can get roles of cork or pre-cut cork from hobby craft or amazon.co.uk
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Clear nail varnish – optional


1. If you buy a roll of cork you will need to cut them to the desired size and then flatten them under a heavy book for a while.

2. Draw on your design.




3. Leave it to dry over night (under a heavy book) and then you can coat it with clear nail polish to make it water proof. I did try doing it with glue but that is more likely to make the pen run.

See very easy, and no mess to clear up at the end.

I wish all the mothers out there a very happy and restful Mothering Sunday.