During the summer hoildays EC spent a week doing a bushcraft camp. He absolutely loves that sort of thing. The week afterwards he was telling me about all the cool stuff they had done. It kind of made me jealous. One thing that he really wanted to show me was how to make a sock filter for if you are stuck in the wilderness. Therefore this is not my activity, but totally lead and executed by EC.

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You will need:

  • A sock
  • Moss
  • Tea bag/ coffee granules
  • Biscuit
  • Bowl
  • 2 Cups

At first I was really confused by what EC was trying to tell me. I didn’t really make sense. Once that was all cleared up I totally understood what he was trying to say. The tea/coffee and biscuits are used to represent dirty water full of bits of mud and things. If you were lost in the wilderness you WOULD NOT need these items.

How to make a sock filter

Before you start you need to collect some moss. This is the perfect excuse to go for a walk.

How to make a sock filter

Stuff your sock with the moss that you have collected.

How to make a sock filter

In a bowl break up a couple of biscuits with a tea bag or coffee granules. Fill the bowl with water. Remember the biscuits/tea/coffee represent dirty water. You would not do this step in “real life”.

Next place your sock over a cup and pour the “dirty” water into it. The moss should filtering out all the lumps of biscuit. Remove the top layer of moss with all the lumps of “dirt” in.

Repeat this step a further 3 times.

What you are left with is filtered water. Afterwards EC made us try the water. It tasted like weak tea with a hint of moss. 

Please note that this sort of filter will not remove bacteria and the such from the water. It will simply remove the debris. 

There you go, that is EC’s guide on how to make a sock filter. If you enjoyed learning how to make one be sure to check out my cardboard box oven and ultimate ninja game

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Bushcraft Skill: How to Make a sock filter

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