Thursday afternoon is one of my favourite times of the week; it is when I pick up my youngest charge from nursery and we have two hours of just playing together. There are no interruptions, it is just play time, which is one of the main reasons I decided I wanted to be a nanny.

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On this particular Thursday, it was a horrid day, it hadn’t stopped raining all day and was really cold. In fact we got our gloves and scarves out for the walk back from nursery! To try to lighten the day and because we couldn’t go outside, we decided to bring the outside in. Young charge  (YC) loves to play with her Sylvanians and they go on lots of adventures, a few weeks ago they all went swimming together in the playroom (on a side note, it you get Sylvanians wet they tend to lose some of their fur), so this time they went on an outing to the beach!

To make our “beach” we used cloud dough; it is mouldable, soft and smells great plus it makes a great alternative to sand.

To make your own cloud dough you will need:

  • Flour
  • Baby oil

cloud dough


To make it pour some flour into a container and then add a little baby oil. This is one of the recipes were you can judge yourself how much oil you need to use. If you think it is too dry, add some more oil. If it is too sticky add some more flour.

Our Sylvanians really enjoyed their time at the “beach”, YC and I played with it for over an hour making sand pies for each other and the Sylvanians. We even tried our hand at making sand castles with it. Just a word of warning the cloud dough does tend to go everywhere, so I would highly recommend putting down a plastic covering for the floor and keeping the cloud dough in a container.

cloud dough

Cloud dough may aid:

  • Sensory development
  • Help calm a child down
  • Imaginative play



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Using cloud dough in imaginative play.