Last year I was given the book No More Plastic by Martin Dorey. He is the founder of the 2 minute solution. It’s a great book that lays down all the problems with how we use plastic, but rather than preaching about how we need to change, he gives small solutions that we can make to help cut our use of it. One of the solutions is how to make Morsbags.

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What is a Morsbag?

Now you maybe asking what is a Morsbag? It is basically a homemade reusable bag. He understands that while plastic bags are pretty awful, but just buying reusable ones also poses problems. To make mass-produced cotton ones, you still need factories and huge amounts of cotton to make them. However, a Morsbag is upcycling your old clothing to make them.

We started making them for 2 reasons; 1 – EC and YC were inspired by the Joey pouches I was making out of upcycled vests to help the Joeys that had been injured and orphaned by the Australian wildfires. 2 – They wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine.

how to make morsbags

I’m not going to give a step-by-step guide on how to make them. Instead I will direct you to; there you will find downloadable patterns and directions on how to make them.

how to make morsbags

YC and I spent a lovely evening together making one from one of my old t-shirts. BB was enthralled with watching the sewing matching, but kept telling me to watch my fingers!

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How to make a morsbag from upcycled tshirts

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