I’ve always been scared of making my own tempura, it’s always so perfect and crispy when you have it in a good restaurant. I’ve always been nervous of recreating it. 

I bit the bullet and got battering last week. Cut up any vegetables. I went for a mixture of peppers, courgettes, red onions, and mushrooms. Cut to size and leave on the side.


For the tempura batter, mix together 200g of self raising flower and 100g of corn flower. Sift into a bowl and add about 450ml of ice cold sparkling water.

Many recipes say not to over work the batter, and that some lumps are fine. I plunged each vegetable in the batter before throwing it in piping hot vegetable oil for literally a couple of minutes each side. As soon as they turned golden brown and crispy on the side they’re ready to take out and leave on kitchen paper for any excess oil to drain away.

My children went mad for these crispy delights. I served them with sliced limes, a dish of soya sauce, and another with mayonnaise and just a touch of wasabi. 

On the side, I made some brown rice with peas, instead of edamame, to give a bit of an English feel.