At the weekends I volunteer at Great Ormond Street in their weekend club. I have been doing it for over 4 ½ years, and really love it. Normally I do something called Team Teen, which means I (and my partner) focus on seeing the teenagers. They are so over looked and are normally the ones who desperately need somebody to come in and distract them. One of the things I always make sure I take around with me is a pack of cards. A couple of weekends ago I walked into one room and the patient asked if we had a pack of cards and if we could play the game chase the ace.

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For chase the ace you will need:

  • Pack of cards

The object of the game:

Get rid of all your cards first

How to play chase the ace:

Ideally this game is played with 3 or more players. YC and I played it as just us two, but it wasn’t as fun as with a larger group.

Start by taking out all the jokers and 3 of the aces.

Deal all the cards to everyone.

When everyone has their hand they need to go through and take out all the pairs they have.

The person to the left of the dealer goes first. They take a card from the hand of the person to the right of them. If they make a pair with this new card, they can put it down.

The next person then goes, taking a card from the person to the right of them. The whole point is to get rid of all your cards first. The one left holding the ace at the end is the loser.

chase the ace

quick game before school

Chase the ace really is one of the simplest card games out there. I am sure that in a year BB will be able to play this one as well.

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Learn how to play chase the ace - one of the easiest card games out there.

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