Over the coming weeks and months I will doing some posts on different card games, like beggar my neighbour, go fish, rummy, and spoons, to name a few. I do love a good card game.  In fact you can bet that I normally have a pack somewhere nearby when we are on holiday.

Today I will be looking at how to play clock patience.

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You will need:

  • A pack of cards

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Start by taking out any Jokers and giving the cards a good shuffle.

Place the cards in a circle like the face of a clock. Place 1 card in the middle to make the 13th pile. Then keep going round until you have 1 card left. Each of the 12 piles around the clock face should have 4 cards in, the 13th pile should have 3 in.

Each pile should represent a number; aces become number 1, Jacks = 11 and Queens = 12. The pile in the middle is for the Kings.

Turn your remaining card over and place it next to the corresponding place in the circle.


Next pick up a new card from that number’s pile. In my photo I have placed a 7 down and picked up a 9.

If you turn over a King then that goes into the middle pile and you pick up from there.

The object of the game is to try and place all the cards in their correct places before you find all the kings.

EC and YC had a game before supper. They actually managed to finish the game.

As with most card games it sounds a lot more complicated than it seems. This is such a good game to teach little ones for moments that you need 5 minutes to do something, or you just need them to quieter for a bit.

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How to Play Clock Patience Card Game