The other day, while on holiday, we had a quiet 30 minutes before we headed out for lunch. Actually who am I kidding, no time is quiet with an 18month running around the place! Anyway I did manage to get a few minutes in to teach YC how to play garbage. The best way to describe the card game garbage is comparing it to patience but for two people instead of one.

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You will need:

You can keep the jokers in for this game.

How to Play Garbage

how to play garbage

Begin by setting up two rows of 5 (so 10 card in all) for each player with the cards facing down. Normally you play this with 2 people. The rest of cards go in the middle.

The aim of the game is to replace all of your cards with ace through to 10 before the other player does.

The first player starts by picking up a card from the pile in the middle. If it is either an ace any number card then they place it in the respective place in their row.

how to play garbage

YC has just put down a 7 and flipped over a 6. She will now place the 6 in the spot for that card and flip the underneath card.

The card that they have replaced is flipped over and is then used. If it is a Queen/Jack/ or a number card that has already been used then the card is put into the garbage pile and their turn is over. If it is a number not been used then it is place in its correct place and the next card is flipped over. This keeps going until you can’t play a card.

how to play garbage

YC got another 6 which she can’t play. Her go is now over.

Kings and Jokers are wildcards and can be used anywhere. When you pick up a card that can replace your wildcard do so and us your wildcard in a new spot.

Once a player’s turn is over the next player can either pick up the top card from the garbage pile or from the other stack of cards.

Play continues this way until somebody has got all their cards, i.e. ace through to 10.

How to Win

That is the end of the round. On the next round the player who has won gets one less card dealt to them. This time they only have to get ace through nine. Each round the winner losses a card until they only have to find an ace.

This is such a simple game. YC picked up really quickly, then went and taught it to her Grandma. At which point I went back to running after BB and trying to contain his destruction.

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