Slap Jacks is basically the same game as pairs.  However, I find this one really good for little ones as a beginner card game.  It is also fun for older kids and adults.

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To play Slap Jacks you will need:

  • A pack of cards

Start by taking out all the jokers.

As I said this game is basically the same as pairs, except rather than slamming your hand down on a pair and shouting pair, you slam your hand down on a Jack and shout Jack.  This doesn’t need to be a pair of Jacks, just on any of the 4 Jacks.

This is why I like this game for little ones.  They don’t have to remember what the previous card was, they just need to look out for the J.  It makes it a slightly less painful game to play with young children.  It also means they have a greater chance of winning.  In fact when I taught BB this game he did win against me, and I am not one to let kids win.

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How to play the card game slap jacks - the easiest card game for young children.