I learnt how to play Ultimate Ninja when I worked for Disney Cruise Line.  We played it as part of our team building exercises and also with the children and I could never tell who enjoyed it more.

You can play this with 2 people, but the more people you have the better.

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Object of the game:

To be the last person standing.

How to Play Ultimate Ninja

Everyone needs to stand in a circle.

On the call of ninja everyone must adopt a ninja pose and freeze.  Doing something that requires you to stand on one leg is not a good idea as you have to stay still until it is your turn.

Choose someone to go first and then play continues in a clockwise direction around the circle.

On a player’s turn, you may do ONE fluid ninja attack – i.e. one motion that attempts to touch another player’s hand. After making your go you must freeze in your new position. Remember you cannot take lots of steps and then move, if you are going to move your feet you may only take ONE step as you move your arms to attack.

After you finish, it is the next person’s go and they can immediately try to attack you back or choose someone else to get.

Any time a player is being attacked they may react by moving their hand/arm out of the way, but you can’t move your feet.

If your hand is struck you must place it behind your back; once both hands have been hit you are out of the game.

The winner is the last person standing.

Here is a good YouTube video of people playing the game, just in case I didn’t explain it well enough.

This is such a fun game, especially with older children, but be warned it can become very competitive.

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Ultimate Ninja: Possible one of the greatest circle games ever. Perfect for children but an even better game for teens.