I had a meeting with Marina Fogle from The Bump Class last week and podcasts were at the top of our agenda. She signed me up to her new brilliant podcast “The Parent Hood” and I really enjoyed hearing her talk about the emotional roller coaster that a mother goes on once the baby arrives.

Another important podcast episode she told me about, which launched today, is on how to sleep safely during pregnancy. I’ve had three children and I remember the nurses telling me that I should sleep on my left side, but what Marina told me about sleeping on your back during the third trimester really shocked me. She works closely with Tommy’s Charity, who have today launched a public health campaign called #sleeponside to raise awareness of the link between going to sleep supine (on back) in late pregnancy and stillbirth.

To help raise awareness, please share this post/video with any pregnant women you know and tune into Marina’s brilliant The Parent Hood podcasts.