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Eczema: How Do I Stop My Baby Itching?

Eczema can be the cause of baby itching, and while it’s not uncommon, it can be a great source of distress for both baby and parent. The onset of atopic eczema typically happens from around 3–6 months, and the condition is characterised by chronic itchy, scaly, dry rashes, frequent skin infections, and sleep interruptions. Scratching, while a natural reaction, can become a damaging habit that prolongs eczema symptoms, so it’s important to take steps to manage the condition. It sounds scary, but the good news is, there are lots of things you can do to manage your kids’ eczema.

How do I treat baby eczema?

Keep a diary to explore whether there are any telling triggers, and always avoid exposing them to irritants. Heat aggravates eczema, so keep bath water tepid and bedrooms cool, at around 18°C.

According to the National Eczema Society, the best way to control eczema flare-ups and to reduce the itch is to keep your baby’s skill well-moisturised. Topical steroids are the first-line treatment prescribed for babies with eczema, and it’s important to bathe sufferers with an emollient that will help soothe, cleanse and clean the skin while reducing dryness and irritation. Try a leave-on emollient instead of soaps, washes and bubble baths, and avoid any perfumed products.

How do I stop my baby itching eczema?

Get yourself a pair of baby scissors, keep your baby’s nails short, and choose sleepsuits with built-in mittens to prevent skin damage from scratching. ScratchSleeves’ scratch mittens are a first great step to protect your child’s itchy, irritated or infected eczema..

Introducing ScratchSleeves – the scratch mitts that stay on

Designed specifically for older babies and children with eczema, ScratchSleeves manufactures scratch mittens that stay on to help minimise relentless scratching while keeping delicate skin cool and comfortable. Made with 100% stretch cotton sleeves and silk mittens, ScratchSleeves can be used both during the day over regular clothing or at night to prevent scratching while they sleep.

The cooling, breathable interlock cotton knit provides stretch and helps babies and kids stay comfortable and sweat-free, and thanks to ScratchSleeves’ Oeko Tex-100 certified fabrics, there are no harmful chemical residues.


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ScratchSleeves use a 4-way stretch fabric so they’re comfy for children to move around in whether they’re playing or sleeping. The loose-fitting mittens are gentle on the most irritated skin, and with double layers, the stay-closed silk mitts will protect delicate skin from even the most vigorous scratching.

Everything in the ScratchSleeves range is kid-proof, so the range is ideal for toddlers, teenagers and adults too. The trim on each garment is woven, preventing children from stretching their clothing or attempting to undress. With two secure buttons on the back, they make dressing and undressing quick and easy for parents.

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ScratchSleeves scratch mitts, dungarees, and bodysuits offer specially designed adaptive clothing for children with autism, and eczema, as well as being equally effective for chickenpox, psoriasis, scab-picking, hair-pulling, thumb-sucking and post-surgical healing.

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