I know our resident food blogger Joanna Preston normally shares recipes, but we had to share the photos of the fabulous Cinderella party she help for her daughter this summer. Brilliant inspiration for those of you with little princesses! 

Catering for the ‘pink’ ones parties is always a treat. It’s fairy tale cooking with lots of pink, sweets and pretty flowers. A request for macaroons had been acknowledged, and then it was just all the old favorites, raspberry laced meringues, pink swirly fairy wand biscuits, cupcakes adorned with butter icing and crazy flowers and the cake itself, a ‘Princess Castle’. My cake making skills are really extremely basic, so like every year before I pitched for something relatively simple that just had to be iced to the nines.

Inspiration was provided from some wonderful children’s cake book and I adapted it to what was practical and what was going to work for me. Quite simply, it was two large sponge cakes each sandwiched together in the old way, raspberry jam and butter icing, and then placed gently on top of each other with some round, firm card supporting the top cake, balanced on lolly pop sticks stuck in the bottom cake. The cakes were heavily iced with vanilla butter icing and decorated with mini marshmallows for battlements and little sugar flowers bought very inexpensively from Waitrose.

The towers were made by sandwiching ginger nut biscuits together with butter icing and  the walls of the towers, was rolled out fondant icing. Turrets, were ice cream cones dipped in icing and then coated with hundreds and thousands and buttons. I cut out windows and doors from the left over fondant and made flags with some spare straws and wrapping paper.

Naturally I was swearing by the time I finished but all in all it did not take that long. Trust me, I’ll never go into cake decorating though, it’s a real test of patience!


4th party crete 022



4th party crete 020



4th party crete 029


4th party crete 035