I can’t believe it was my little girl’s birthday last week, time seems to be going so quickly. When I asked her a few months ago what theme she wanted for her birthday, it had to be Winnie the Pooh, so I set to researching all sorts of different Winnie the Pooh themed parties and ideas. A week later and it had all changed – Minnie Mouse was the only thing on her lips! I loved this idea, and thank goodness she didn’t change her mind again.

I called on my superhero Caroline Foster who does the dreamiest Easter party and the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, and I couldn’t believe my luck when she agreed to take on the Minnie Mouse party, which started as a little picnic party for ten children, and quickly escalated to 35 little Disney fanatics, including their parents!

The only place I could think big enough to house such a party is IRIS, my photography studio, to the dismay of my long suffering studio manager, Darren.

A deep breath… and here goes! This is what you need to throw the ultimate Minnie Mouse little girl’s birthday party.

  • A Minnie Mouse costume and a very willing godparent to go inside
  • A Disney bouncy castle
  • Equipment hire – Ikea Children’s chairs and table
  • Two of Sharky and George’s finest entertainers armed with party games and a bubble machine
  • Nanny Anita with a few crafts including ‘make your own minnie mouse handbag’ and hoop game from Parties R Us.
  • Anita’s homemade cookies to decorate in a Minnie Mouse theme and a Nanny Anita homemade ‘make your own Mickey Mouse’ – a craft that will feature soon on My Baba, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • A popcorn machine – just beacuse we have one
  • Minnie Mouse ears on arrival along with old fashioned lemonade in little milk bottles with personalised Minnie Mouse straws
  • Absolute Taste individual picnic baskets with dear little pots of crudite, houmous, cocktail sausages, Minnie Mouse sandwiches, hula hoops, and Pom Bears galore.
  • For the adults – Daylesford crudite boards, sandwiches and Frizante.
  • Birthday cake – a Minnie Mouse birthday cake made by the wonderful Clare Lumley
  • An old school polaroid camera with lots of film – Caroline hung them on a little washing line with mini clips for them to take home with their party bags
  • Goodie bags

Two hours after they arrived we sent the little ones packing with a slice of cake, Caroline’s perfectly packed Minnie Mouse themed goodie bags, including playing cards, yoyo, pencils, stickers rounded off with a helium Minnie balloon and their selfie polaroid with Minnie.