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It’s that time of year again! The shops are full of pumpkins, costumes, face paints, fun-sized chocolate bars and tins of Haribo, it can only be Halloween! Our favourite party specialists Kasimira give us the low-down on how to throw the most ghastly party. OoooOOooo! 

Halloween is just around the corner (scary!), but there’s still plenty of time to pull together a fang-tastic party and we are here to share our tip top Halloween party planning ideas with you. Our aim at Kasimira is to encourage creativity with Kids so here are some of our best themed DIY party ideas…


Our first tip for you is to decide on your theme for this year. For a twist on the usual traditional Halloween party, how about taking your child’s favourite theme and giving it a Halloween twist? Here are a few of our favourites.

  • Peppa Pigs’s Pumpkin Party
  • High Ghoul Musical
  • Animal Magic
  • Witches and wizards
  • Halloween at Hogwarts
  • Halloween Circus
  • Spiderman, Batman and their ghoulish friends

There are so many wonderful themed games and activities that you can organise from home, won’t cost the earth and provide hours of entertainment for a range of ages. Here are a few of our favourites!


Treasure Hunt

Turn down the lights, give each child a torch and hide spooky riddles around the house to lead them to a hidden cauldron of goodies. Here are few riddles to get you started…

“Goblins wait on the bridge, find them a snack – look in the ______*
“Ghosts haunt the castle moat, brr it’s cold – look in your ______*

Mystery Bowls

Use 3-5 plastic tubs/big bowls, fill them each with a gory surprise such as cold cooked spaghetti, mashed up jelly or cold custard. Hide lots of rubber spiders, worms and beetles in each bowl and put each bowl inside an old pillow case. Invite each child up in turn, put 30 seconds on the clock and see how many insects they can find in the mystery bowls!

Pin the spider on the web

The game is in the name! Print out a large image of a spider web on white card and stick it up on a wall. Have each child write their name on a card cut-out of a spider with a dot of bluetac on the back. Let them take it in turns to try and stick their spider as close to the centre of the spider web as possible, don’t forget the blindfold!

We believe that decoration should be home-made wherever possible. This means evenings can be filled with crafty activities and outdoor quests.

Leaf collecting

As the autumn leave fall we need to tidy them. Leaf hanging bags are an effective way of clearing leaves which then double up as decoration. Once full place them on the steps at home or hang from trees.

Preen your Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving can be hazardous with knives and cutting tools. So we prefer to get crafty with our pumpkins. Materials such as chalk paint, candlewax, glue, glitter, and sequins make beautiful pumpkins.  This could also double up as a party activity – ask each guest to bring a pumpkin and you can provide the crafty bits!


Smokey Cauldron

Smokey cauldrons really will give your event that extra special touch. This effect can be created with either a mixture of ice and hot water (adult use only) or hiring a smoke machine which might be a little easier to come by.

Floating LED candles

Recreate a magical Harry Potter-esque scene by hanging LED dinner candlesticks at different heights from ceiling fixtures for an eerie entrance to your party!

Wicked Walls

The walls in our home make the perfect canvas for decoration, but we don’t want potential decoration stains to haunt us the rest of the year! That’s why we love removable wall stickers cheaply available online. Have fun sticking bats, goory footprints, and witches all over the house and creating some spooky scenes!



For that extra special, unique touch at your Halloween party…

Live animals

Have the creepiest crawlies make a surprise appearance at the party for a real wow factor. There are many companies who can bring along a selection of crawlies for your guests to hold and stroke; from snakes and bats to lizards and spiders… but who will be brave enough!?


Costumed characters/entertainers

From witches and devils to mummies and dead brides, there are so many options when it comes to costumed entertainers (we know the best ones!). Hiring in a costumed character to meet and greet guests and lead themed games will really bring the Halloween theme to life… They can also help with leading trick or treat trips and giving out goodie bags perhaps!

Cooking Party Hosts

Cooking parties are so on trend this year and Halloween is a great opportunity to put one on with a twist! You can either play head chef and host this yourself or hire in a specialist. All food should be themed, here are a few of our Halloween favourites…

  • Jelly worms set in straws
  • Chocolate dipped and decorated ghost faces
  • Sandwiches cut using bat and witch shaped cutters

By Kasimira, a boutique events company specialising in London based kids’ parties. 

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