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What Are Creative Tonies? Record Your Own Stories + Access FREE Audio Content Every Month

If you haven’t already heard (and if not, where have you been?) the Toniebox is the ultimate kids’ accessory for summer and beyond. A simple, no-screens Wi-Fi-enabled audio player, the Toniebox tells audio stories via hand-painted figurines called ‘Tonies’, while the gang of ‘Creative Tonies’ offer you a way to record your own content.

Meet the Creative Tonies

Will your little one ONLY drift off to the sound of your own voice? Or perhaps you’ve not been able to see your family very often since the start of the pandemic. Tonies can help. Creative Tonies are an awesome troop of little characters that arrive blank for you to upload 90 minutes of your very own audio so your kids can play stories, songs and messages from loved ones.

Why not record a story or five? Or channel your inner Bublé and record a favourite song or two, guaranteed to lull them into a golden slumber, right?

There are currently 48 Creative Tonies to choose from, and we think these super-cool figurines are set to be sought-after collectables, with a play value all of their own. Characters include fairies and firemen, builders, mermaids, unicorns, superheroes and more.


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How do Creative-Tonies work?

Once you’ve set up your Toniecloud account via the app or online, you can add your Creative Tonie.

  • Turn on your Toniebox and make sure you are within range of a Wi-Fi network you can connect to.
  • Place your Creative Tonie on the Toniebox and wait until it introduces itself to you.

You will now be able to see the Creative-Tonie in the app or your Toniecloud account. If you can’t see it straight away, you’ll just need to refresh the page.

How do I record a story on my Creative Tonie?

Recording audio onto your Creative Tonie could not be simpler! Open the app, select your Creative Tonie, and press the red icon with the white microphone. Et voila!  You’re recording. Once you’ve finished, click Save and the app will upload the content. Now all you have to do is tell your Creative Tonie. Pop it on the Toniebox, press any ear for three seconds, and wait for the LED to blink blue. Once the LED glows green, you know you’re all set.

Your Tonies account allows you to rearrange the track listings so you can organise a playlist in an order that works perfectly for your child. You can invite your friends to share audio, and add as many Creative Tonies to your account as you like, the sky’s the limit!

Access free monthly content in the Tonies Library

What’s more, Tonies release brilliant free content each month via the Audio Library. To access free stories and songs, just click on the available content and assign it to your Creative Tonie.

Shop now

The Toniebox Starter Set retails at £69.95 and is available in seven vibrant colours your kids will love.

Inside the starter set is everything you need to get cracking:

  • Toniebox
  • Charging dock
  • Creative Tonie Figurine
  • Instructions on how to set up your Toniebox

What are you waiting for?


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