Human Pac-man game

Blogger / 10 August, 2020 / Nanny Anita

Human Pac-man Party Game

Did you enjoy playing Pac-man as a kid? We came up with a human Pac-man version that has proved a big hit with my charges.

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To make your own human Pac-man game you will need:

  • Masking tape – lots and lots of masking tape

human pac-man party game

Mark up the playing space using the masking tape. I had to use many different types of masking tape and washi tape as all of them were near the end of the roll. For reference I used the layout of the actually Pac-man game.   Where I ran out of tape, I used stools.

The rules of the game:

There is no running; you can walk fast, but no running.

You can’t reach through the tape “walls” or walk over them.

Aim of the game:

The main aim of human Pac-man is not to be caught by the ghosts, just like in the real game. We timed each round to see who could last the longest. The record was 1minute 37 seconds, with only one ghost. As soon as we put more ghosts in, the longest time was about 15 seconds. BB proved to be really good at getting people.

How to play Human Pac man:

The ghosts start in their home and Pac-man starts at the bottom. Pac-man has to avoid being touched by one of the ghosts for as long as possible.

If the ref (that would be the person timing the game and checking to make sure nobody breaks the rules) shouts out, “cherry” then Pac-man can touch the ghosts, just like in the game. If the ghosts get touched they have to go back to their home. Each cherry lasts 10 seconds.

We had a lot of fun play this human Pac-man; it was a great time waster for them while waiting for a meal. It was also a way for them to burn off some energy when they couldn’t get outside to run around.

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Human Pac-man game; great for parties.

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