Water, sometimes known as ‘the forgotten nutrient’ is needed in early pregnancy, to replenish fluid losses when vomiting takes places.  It’s also needed to help form the amniotic cushion that surrounds the baby, for the bodies circulation and to promote healthy bowel movements (constipation can be quite common in pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that take place!).  Drinking enough water will help to support general well being and prevent headaches from setting in.  After birth, water is one of the most natural beverages that a woman can drink, helping to produce breast milk which is about 90% water.

The European Food Safety Authority advises that pregnant women need an extra 300 ml and breastfeeding mums an extra 700ml water a day.  This is on top of the standard recommendation of 2000ml (2 litres) water per day.  As well as drinking bottled water, this  can also come from hot drinks and foods such as soups, yoghurt and melon.

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Natural Hydration Council
Dr Emma Derbyshire, PhD, RNutr. Independent Nutrition Consultant.