Coming up with winter inspired crafts and activities for after Christmas is always hard. Mainly because in my Christmas is the winter season. Coming up with an idea for a magazine I write for was really tricky, so I thought of winter sports. What ideas could I come up with for skiing or ice skating?! Then I had a brain wave, what happened if we created our own ice skating rink for Lego figures?

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To make your own ice staking rink for Lego figures you will need:

  • Tray
  • Ice cube tray
  • Lego people

Fill a tray with water and freeze it. Make sure you put the tray onto a flat surface, or your ice rink will be at an angle.

Fill an ice cube tray with water and place Lego people into it, making sure that they are standing up.

I did both of these steps over night.

ice staking rink for lego figures

Depending on how hot your house is, you may not get that long to play with it. We got about 20 minutes before the bases fell off our Lego people. But enjoyed doing our own rendition of Dancing on Ice. EC like to see how far he could get his people to slide across the work surface. His mostly went straight off the other side, which he thought was hilarious.

ice skating rink for lego figures

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Ice rink for lego figures - pretend play for children.