Father’s day is fast approaching and I can’t help but feel that every ping in my inbox, promoting the ‘Perfect Father’s Day Gift’ has got it all wrong.  I know for a fact that my husband doesn’t want a bar of expensive chocolate, he never used hankies and he certainly doesn’t want another pair of socks or cufflinks to mark the special day.  

If I think about it, Father’s Day should be a day filled with joy for the father! It’s not about us, it’s about him! So I suggest you get your thinking caps on because you obviously know your loved one better than any magazine or shop does.  What’s his favourite meal?  What’s his favourite movie or sport?  What would he do on a Sunday if was up to him?When it comes to presents, it depends on how old your children are but I always think a card is nice and my children always make a ‘Paint Your Own’ bowl at The Pottery Cafe.

For me, I know that, however sweet it is, my husband probably wouldn’t want to be woken up at 7am by our angelic little children slopping cereal and orange juice all over the bed, however much I would love it.  He would prefer to be left sleeping and if I can judge it just right, I’ll have the smell of bacon and sausages wafting up the stairs at the exact moment he decides to open his eyes.  The children and me will be ready and waiting for when he stumbles down, smiles at the ready.  Mine doesn’t like coffee but I know many men who would beam at the thought of a fresh cappuccino being presented to them with just a dusting of chocolate.  

Papers are a must, his favourites, of course and then perhaps back to bed with the kids to watch cartoons.

After sinking in to a bath, that’s been run by me – of course, and leaving the kids to watch TV I shall sit on the edge of the bath and chat if he wants, or prop his iPad on the side with his programme of choice.  Remember this is his day!

For lunch, I’m praying for good weather because the fridge will be pre loaded with everything one could possibly need for a BBQ, including packets of squidgy buns.  Ice cream at the ready for pud and plenty of crisps and salami to start with.  My husband loves nothing more than cooking on the BBQ and I’m hoping that’s what he’ll be doing.  Remember a favourite drink and some good tunes.  Also, make sure the BBQ is ready for action.  Men hate cleaning it!

After a relaxing lunch, my husband loves a walk in the park with the whole family and our dogs and then his ideal afternoon would consist of watching a movie at home or a trip to the cinema where Frankenstein and The Lorax should be on.

While I get the babas ready for bed, I’ll send him to the TV room, where he’ll find the latest game for his Play Station  – my husband, not my son that is, and I’ll leave a selection of his favourite sweets on the side.

Now ALL men are different and some men’s idea of heaven would be another’s hell.  The main thing is to remember that this day comes only once a year and Mother’s Day is next!