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The holidays are upon us once again, and I can hear the cogs going round already for ideas to keep little ones entertained. This jar will take a little bit of pre planning, but once it’s done you won’t have to, (hopefully) dread those 2 words “I’m Bored”.

So, what is this jar? I hear you ask. It is a jar filled with different activities, ranging from making biscuits and crafts, to going on adventures, and even chores! I came up with around 120 activities that can be done at any time of the year, and then made about 20 more that are based around Halloween and autumn. If you are coming up with your own ideas make sure that you are willing to do them, there isn’t any point to putting in an activity, like going to a museum, if you don’t think you have the time to carry it out if it is picked.

When your little ones come to you complaining of being bored, simply open up the jar and get them to pick an activity. Make sure you warn them before hand that the activity they pick is the one they have got to do, even if it means tiding their rooms!

Click here to download the I’m Bored Ideas template.

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