The increasing number of outstanding schools makes the final selection painfully difficult. This is why our programme of talks at the Independent Schools Show will be the most structured in our twelve year history, focussing on choice, admission, affordability, challenges and value.

The Sunday Times Education Theatre & London Parents Forum 2018 programme

You’re invited to take a front row seat.

Key themes this year:


  • How to choose the right school for your child
  • Alternatives for London parents and the weekly boarding option
  • Independent and state curricular: are they really that different?


  • How to play the senior school admissions system
  • Why change at Sixth Form?
  • Nursery, pre-prep and prep explained
  • US University admissions and preparation


  • Why schools are more affordable than we are led to believe
  • Can fee assistance make independent education affordable?
  • What is the most effective way to pay for your child’s education?


  • Helping summer-born children reach their potential
  • SEN support: how parents and schools can work together
  • Adolescence in the digital age
  • Is there a right way to push your child?


  • Do league tables really matter?
  • Do independent schools prepare our young for the commercial world?
  • Are academic children in anyway disadvantaged by going to a less academic school?

For the full timetable visit The Independent Schools Show.

As the UK’s largest school open day, the Independent Schools Show (10-11 November) will welcome 200+ of the country’s leading nurseries, pre-preps, prep schools, senior schools and sixth form colleges to Battersea Park. Hear from the sector’s brightest thinkers in our two Education Theatres. For further information and FREE tickets visit


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