It has been a really long time since we made stress balls. I think I first made some with EC and YC when they were 3 and 5! So quite a while ago. We made cat ones last time. This time BB and I made Inside Out stress balls. They aren’t just great for releasing stress but can really help with developing muscle strength in your hands. Which helps with fine motor skills such as writing.

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To make your own Inside out stress balls you will need:

  • Balloons
  • Funnel or the top half of a water bottle


  • Flour
  • Corn flour and water
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Kinetic sand
  • Beans

Start by blowing up your balloon and deflating it. This helps you really fill up the balloon with as much filling as possible.

Place your funnel into the neck of the balloon. Using the top half of a water bottle does make things easier to put in, especially if you are doing this activity with young children.

inside out stress balls

Fill up your balloon with your desired filling. Then tie the balloon off once it is full.

I then like to cut the neck off of a second balloon, and squeeze the first balloon into this one. This helps contain things slightly if the first balloon breaks.

I have kept all of the Inside out stress balls within easy access for everyone. Every time somebody passes them, they give one a little squeeze. BB’s favourite one is the purple rice one. He likes to pick it, tell me what’s in it, squish it, and then return it to its spot.

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Inside Out Stress Balls for helping little ones cope with big emotions.  Also great for strengthening hand muscles.

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