Kids have a lot of toys: it’s a fact. Regardless of your intentions before your children are born, toys just seem to accumulate. From 1st birthdays and parties to shopping trips and some very generous friends and family, you’ll ultimately end up with a house full of toys. Somehow they’ll spread all over your house. And if you’re short on space, it’s unlikely they’ll be room for a playroom. It’s time to invest in some storage solutions to keep your place clutter-free and kid-friendly.

Keep your living room as a place for relaxing and less like a playroom with some of these brilliant pieces from Great Little Trading Co.

Abbeville 9-cube storage, £204 (was £255)

Create a reading nook in a cosy corner of a lounge or bedroom for them to curl up and enjoy a favourite book. Section off a small area with a rug, bookcase and beanbag.

Gulliver toy organiser, £110

Pippin toy organiser, £77.50 (was £155.00)


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Storage tubs are essential for organising toys and books. It’s easy to fling everything into them for a quick clean up and there are so many quirky designs to choose from.

Rope storage tub, £29.40 (was £42)

Oilcloth storage cube – dashed navy, £18 (was £24)

Canvas storage cube – dinosaur, (£15.20 was £19.00)

Rope storage basket – ivory, £19.20 (was 24)

This toy storage chest is the key to a tidy bedroom. With a huge main storage compartment that can be used as a toy box and a smaller drawer for books and other little bits, it’s ideal for keeping things organised. The top part also works as a comfy seat!

Poppins toy chest and grey star cushion, £152 (was £190)


Growing activity table, £116 (was £145)

This growing activity table is a great space for kids to get creative and it can also be used alongside storage drawers beneath it for storing away any arts, crafts and other activity bits and bobs. GLTC have added an extra set of longer legs that can be added when your children grow taller.






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