Designing or redesigning a nursery for your child is always a fun and exciting process. Typically, the first things that spring to mind are the colour scheme, the decor and the dreaded storage space. 

You’ll no doubt be in a rush to kit out your infant’s space, but before you start splashing your cash, it may be worth considering whether the items you have your eye on will make a safe environment for your child. 

moKee, the design-led baby company, is a great example of a brand paving the way to help parents and parents-to-be create a natural finish to their child’s nursery, without breaking the budget.

moKee have a commitment to ensuring their products are safe and made to the highest of quality whilst maintaining toughness, durability and smooth texture. Their seagrass range offers a range of statement products that are simple and natural and will leave your nursery look effortlessly stylish. 

Producing products like this doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to do your research – and that’s where you should start too. 


Do Your Research 

Today, many people are making the effort to be more conscious about the products they buy, where they buy them from and most importantly, how safe they are. 

Faced with a whole host of brands claiming to be ‘eco-friendly’, it’s easy to be misled by what you read online. This can result in purchasing fad-products that are actually more dangerous than good.

Before you look into creating a natural nursery, be sure to do your research. This will help to guide you in the right direction and leave you feeling more confident in creating the nursery you always dreamed of. 

Since the end of 2019, moKee have made a conscious effort to reduce their plastic waste and have pledged to make all their packaging recyclable by June 2020. If you’re looking to invest in a greener brand to help create your natural nursery, moKee could be the perfect place to start. 

To get the ball rolling, here are some simple ideas to help you create a natural nursery:


Find The Right Furniture 

However you choose to furnish your nursery, there’s no better place to start than the very place your child will (hopefully!) be spending most of their time – the cot.


Firstly, you need to think carefully about the mattress you choose. Traditional mattresses can release dangerous VOCs that can be harmful to your baby’s lungs. Purchasing an organic mattress is a great place to start to ensure your child has a toxin-free (as far as is possible) and comfortable sleep.

Not only that, a soft, high-quality mattress liner is important for not only protecting your mattress but your baby’s health too. A soft seagrass fitted sheet will feel soft on your baby’s skin leaving them feeling calm and relaxed from the moment you lie them down.

Soft seagrass fitted sheet


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Once your newborn is home, there’s a certain time of day that becomes an integral part of your daily routine…nap time! 

You’ll want a place in your nursery that allows you to comfortably lay your child down while you continue with your busy day. A soft seagrass Moses basket is the perfect piece to add to emphasise your natural nursery theme. 

Soft seagrass Moses basket


Seagrass is a beautiful and natural material that is soft yet sturdy. Not only that, we think the basket looks stylish and its classic range of colours will fit perfectly with whatever style you’ve chosen to decorate your nursery. 

Complete the look with a soft seagrass liner made from 100% cotton. This will leave your nursery feeling and looking fresh.

Soft seagrass liner

Try New Toys 

Choosing to make your nursery natural doesn’t mean it has to be boring or restrictive for you or your child. 

Toys are an integral part of your baby’s play and learning development. But we know as well as you that toys can often spend more time in a baby’s mouth than anywhere else. It’s therefore important to be selective in the types of toys you choose to buy.

Lots of toys, especially those made of plastic, can contain lead and polyvinyl chloride. If possible, choose toys that are made from organic materials and are safe for your child to put in their mouth. Green Toy’s have a great range of sustainable and non-toxic toys, perfect for any playful and curious child.

If you’re looking to think a little more outside the box, why not look at a mini gym for your baby? While your child is still enjoying its first few months, this is great for helping them to improve their coordination and develop other motor skills. As well as this, babies are encouraged to reach out and grasp the colours and shapes – rather than put them in their mouths!


Use Non-Toxic Paints

Blue or yellow, pink or red? The colour you choose to paint your nursery can be a decision you spend a lot of time deliberating on, but have you ever thought about how safe the paint is that you’re using?

Lots of paints are full of toxins, which can have harmful effects on your child’s health. Paints that have a harsh and unpleasant smell may contain dangerous chemicals – which could be inhaled by you and your child. 

When looking to find the perfect paint for your nursery don’t just think about the colour, look out for brands that offer paints that are VOC (volatile organic compound) and chemical-free.

Remember, any nursery should be painted at least a month before your child is brought home. This allows the paint to settle and to release any fumes that could be harmful to your child. 

Choose Friendly Flooring 

Now you have a child in your life we can guarantee a lot of your time will be spent on the floor, so you want to make sure you enjoy your time down there. As appealing as a new soft carpet sounds, they can hold on to a lot of germs and bacteria which aren’t visible to the human eye. 

Hard surfaces are much easier to keep clean and less likely to cling on to nasty contaminants. However, if you can’t bear to scrap the carpet in your nursery, opt for a natural and untreated carpet or a large, statement rug that matches your colour scheme. 


Go Organic 

So now you’ve got the foundations of a natural nursery established, it’s time to think about how you’re going to keep it in tip-top condition.

With so many cleaning products now widely available it can be confusing and sometimes daunting to know which are the best quality and safest for your child. 

Small children are extremely vulnerable to toxic chemicals, so always check the label before buying. Try to source the best natural cleaning products that are not dangerous to touch or smell.

As well as your cleaning products, you’ll need a place where you can store your dirty clothes and blankets away from your child. The soft seagrass laundry basket is the perfect product for this; not only does it keep all your laundry in one place, but the seagrass materials also keep it sturdy and stylish.


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