This week we interviewed the beautiful singer, dancer, TV presenter and model, Jenny Frost. Jenny has 3 children, Caspar, aged 7 and twin daughters Blake and Nico aged almost 2. Jenny is married to Scuba Diving Instructor Vinnie, and they divide their time between their homes in Ibiza and the UK with their two dogs, Fernando and Bro.

You gave birth to beautiful twin daughters Nico and Blake last year in Spain via emergency C-section. Tell us a bit about that experience – how quickly did you recover?

It was a very scary experience but recovery wasn’t that bad as to be honest, I just went straight into Mum-mode with two little babies and got on with it.

What was it like giving birth to twins in Spain? How did it compare to the birth of your son Caspar?

It couldn’t have been a more different experience. With Caspar it was all candles, soft music and a  natural birth, but with the girls it was an emergency c section. I was unconscious and I didn’t see the girls for hours after the birth. The outcome was the same though, lovely healthy children so I’m not complaining.

You’ve previously mentioned that you had a difficult time breastfeeding. What advice would you give to new mums that are going through a similar experience, and is there anything you would do differently?

I would say to new mums not to put too much pressure on yourself and take as much help and support as is available to you. I had great support from midwives in the UK but it was different in Ibiza, my husband was really supportive and patient which helped as I struggled and eventually only breastfed for six weeks, but anything is better than nothing!

How do you stay looking so fabulous? Tell us your secrets!

There’s no real secret, running round after three kids and two dogs keeps me fit! I have had some back problems lately, probably from carrying heavy twins around, so I’ve started doing Pilates and surprisingly it has really helped. I will stick to it as I can feel the changes already in my body.

How did you introduce the new babies to your son Caspar? Was he excited about the arrival of his two new sisters, and is he a good big brother? 

Caspar was very excited to meet his sisters although there was a slight bit of disappointment that one of them wasn’t a boy! The girls were in hospital for a week after the birth and he wasn’t allowed on the ward but the nurses let him come into a special little feeding room and it was just a lovely calm really serene moment which I will never forget. His voice went up about two octaves when he started speaking to them and he has been an amazing big brother ever since.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?

My medela electic double breast pump! The babies were premature so they had difficulty latching on which meant the pump was essential at the start.

Share with us your favourite family recipe.

With three children I love a lot of simple one-pot meals and at this time of year I love to do a big roast too, an example of a one-pot meal would be sweet potatoes, red onion with chestnuts and lamb all cooked in the oven.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Getting better by the day!