An Interview with Matt Bardock

Features / 9 December, 2018 / My Baba

Matt Bardock on Family Life in Surrey, and His Departure from Casualty

This week we interviewed well-loved actor and heartthrob Matt Bardock. Matt currently lives in Surrey with his wife, six year old daughter and a 9 year old staffie called Maisie whom they all adore! Best known for his role as paramedic Jeff in Casualty, Matt in real life is a self-confessed petrol head, he owns a power boat, a couple of classic cars and more than one or two motorcycles! Cheeky Matt has also asked us to let our readers know that he’s actually a sky-scraping 6ft 5 inches tall with a full head of hair! 

You’re My Baba’s favourite on-screen paramedic, there were definitely tears shed at MB HQ watching your final episode. What made you decide to leave the show?

Being on Casualty meant that I was away from home during the week, returning home at the weekends.  After 8 years enough was enough, I needed to be with my family.  I was missing my little girl growing up.

What was life like on the Casualty set? Describe a typical day-in-the-life on set?

Early starts and 12 hour days but lots of fun!  I had a fantastic time with all the cast especially Gemma, Jane, and Patrick. I’m also great mates with Alex Walkinshaw.  I absolutely adore the crew.  I like cars and motorbikes, so messing about with the ambulances was always a diversion. 

What was it like filming those explosive last scenes? Did you tune in the following week to watch your characters’ funeral, and how surreal was that experience?

Quite emotional actually. Steve Hughes (Director) did a fantastic job, he worked hard to keep the element of surprise which worked really well. As I said, I really love the cast and crew, so it was hard to leave; there was a lot of love on the set which was cool, but it was absolutely the right way for the character to go out.  I did watch the following week which was a little surreal, and I thought Jane and Gemma were brilliant.  The response to the episode was amazing and I was very flattered.

Will you be encouraging  your daughter to follow your footsteps into acting?

It’s a tough old game and I’d rather she didn’t but whatever makes her happy… I would support her all the way.

Share with us your favourite family recipe.

I’m a real marmite fiend and we have a family recipe that my mum used to make me when I was a kid and now my wife makes for us, which involves mixing marmite with mince, onion, baked beans and toasted white bread.  It’s called ‘crispy cowboy bake’.  Proper nursery food, but delicious.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?


What’s the one piece of wisdom you’d pass on to your kids?

“Never give up.”

The nights have drawn in and winter is upon us. What’s your idea of a perfect family weekend this time of year?

That’s easy…. Saturday morning long run with the dog, to then be rewarded by my wife’s pancakes.  After breakfast, I take my little girl swimming followed by chips at my mate’s cafe on Epsom Downs.  Light the fire and watch Strictly, followed by something Scandinavian on BBC4.  Absolutely loved Borgen and The Bridge and I’m a sucker for a boxset.  Sunday… Up with the dog again for a long walk, then throw a leg over one of my old bikes, ride to Ryas at Boxhill for a cuppa and a look around. Then it’s Sunday lunch and afterwards, while my girls are watching a film, I’ll walk the dog again, come back, light the fire, and then bath, followed by bed as it’s a school night.  And then a boxset –  I’ve only just caught up with the Sopranos.

We’re all excited to know – what’s in the pipeline for you next?

I’ve just finished a play at The Donmar Warehouse and the for the first time in 8 years I have nothing lined up so we will have to wait and see…

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

I can do it in one word.  Impulsive.



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